Leased Lines

How Does A Leased Line Work?

A leased line works by connecting 2 specified locations over a private circuit allowing data communication.

When you order a leased line you get a private Optical fibre line routed from the our Network Servers to your Business location.
The advantages of a leased line are that it is dedicated, symmetric, fast and backed by guarantees.


Our Pricing Packages

Bandwidth Speed Price for 1 Month
Unlimited 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps 1000 per MB + 18% GST
Unlimited 11 Mbps to 50 Mbps 600 per MB + 18% GST
Unlimited 51 Mbps to 155 Mbps 350 per MB + 18% GST
Unlimited 155 Mbps to 1024 Mbps 120 per MB + 18% GST

Terms & Conditions:

Plans rates will remain same irrespective of any area or location all over Maharashtra. All prices are excluding GST.
Call +91 8929221005 for more offers and discounts.

Why Choose Us?

We are a leading provider of leased line dedicated connections. We work with all the leading suppliers and act completely independently to work hard for our customers, to secure the best pricing and service possible. Our high performance and dedicated Internet Leased Line provides you with a reliable, cost effective and low latency internet service that can fulfill all your connectivity requirements. Enterprises use Leased Lines to interconnect their important nodal centers such as primary data centre, back up site, call centre and regional hubs. Hence circuit uptime and scalability-on-demand becomes most important. Leased Line is the oldest and most basic data connectivity service but is still popular among Enterprises.

Key features


Symmetric Download and Upload Speed


Dedicated High Performance Connection


No Slow-Down at Peak Times


Service Level Agreement (SLA)


24x7 Technical Support Support


No Bandwidth Sharing


Ring Network Connectivity


100% Fiber Optic Connection


Online payment option


High Performance & Reliability

Improved productivity: Faster & Reliable Internet access helps improves the overall productivity of an organization. Regular network capacity augmentation, quality enhancement and incorporating new & emerging technology ensures improved performance and service levels.
Our DEDICATED AND SECURE LEASED LINE SERVICES are backed by 24-hr 365 days’ support. A team of expert advisors is available around the clock every single day to answer your queries and speed the resolution of any faults.